Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday Morning

Peek-a-boo, meimei!

The kids are happy, sleep early, wake up early, full of energy and all ready for Sunday School!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


At the Paragon playground.

Bought this pack of wall stickers for the kids' room wall. I did the pasting but kids gave the 'instructions'.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ashrel's K2 Graduation

Can't open eyes wide as I have to wake him up from his nap..

All ready to go..
I actually hope his two upper front teeth will stay till after his graduation, shh.. can't tell him that as he is very sensitive over his looks. His graduation photo (in graduation gown, I have not posted) did not turn out too nice as he looks a bit grumpy. He said the uncle said don't smile. I forgot to tell Ashrel beforehand can still smile naturally but with lips together. :P
Ashrel and his best friend, Reuben.
Every year the school will display the children art and craft works. This is Ashrel's master piece.
Waiting for the concert to start..
Cherelle was the 'happiest' person in today's concert. She shared in her gorgor's joy. She 'performed' throughout the concert, sang and danced in every items. Many parents turned to look at her instead of looking at the stage :P
Receiving his graduation scroll. He felt nervous (mommy could tell even from far) and I felt so touched..

Can you spot Ashrel?
Proudly waving to me..
Ashrel is in a 'cocoon' (My camera is weak in low light so the picture is not too clear).
Ashrel, the 'caterpillar' came out from the coccon, standing at the extreme left corner.
The Grand Finale..

We are very thankful to Ms Yap for her patience and care towards Ashrel. She is his English teacher for 2 years. We spoke to her few times about our concerns (some incidents happened in school) and she really understands this boy of mine very well. Ashrel told me he is upset to leave Arise Kindergarten. I asked him why and he said, 'there is no more Ms Yap in primary one'.
A nice pic with Ashrel's favourite teacher, Ms Yap. Cherelle likes Ms Yap too :)
Forgot to take a family pic :( ok not blaming daddy but he is always in a rush to come and go..
I remembered the day Ashrel first attended school, it seemed like only yesterday. Today Ashrel 'bi ye le', it was such a touching moment for me..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lil' Cait, Cher & Baby Evan

The girls using their favourite colour cup.

We visit so often and Cherelle now 'allows' me to carry bb Evan.
Cherelle reading to bb Evan and he likes it.. (Caitlyn left for ballet class and Cherelle still refuses to go home yet).

Cherelle likes to hold bb Evan's cute little hand.

Baby Evan

I took this picture of bb Evan after his shower.

He likes bathtime, feeling so comfy now and waiting for milk time.

I am feeding bb Evan. He is a good boy in drinking..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rochester Park Playground

Rochester Park playground, a nice, small and cosy place for the kids.

She can't find a bed for the baby so a bathtub will do.

Happy 6th Birthday to Faith! (Ashrel's classmate). Thank you for inviting us to the party at Rochester Park. We discovered a new place and the kids enjoyed themselves very much. I had a good time catching up with the mummies too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toothless Fairy

Teething record: Ashrel lost two bottom milk teeth and these have been replaced by two permanent teeth. He already have 2 permanent bottom pre-molars without us realising till the dentist told us. Today, he lost 1 of his upper front tooth and the one beside it is shaky. Some of his peers still have a full set of milk teeth. Cherelle said 'gorgor eat too much sweets.' (but not totally true as mommy is strict on that) :p

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Plant

6 Oct: Mommy, Ashrel & Cherelle scattered the seeds and watered the soil. We are all excited and hope our plant will quickly grow..

17 Oct: Our plant is growing well. This is supposed to be 'si ji hua'. I saw Cheryl's grandpa beautiful 'si ji hua' and he was so kind to give me some seedlings.
This is our first 'home-grown' potted plant. It's mommy, Ashrel & Cherelle's project. Now our balcony can be put to good use and I use this to encourage Cherelle to drink more water (She dislikes water). I told her the plant is thirsty when it wakes up in the morning so it needs a cup of water to grow. When Cherelle wakes up from sleep, she needs to drink water too like the plant. The plant is even taller now but two days ago, the heavy downpour and super strong wind almost 'drowned' the young plant. Hope that it can survive, I am waiting for the sun to shine unto the balcony/plant.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gorgor, Jiejie, Meimei, Didi

Cherelle wanted to play with Caitlyn after school, but Lil' Cait fell asleep in the car and all the way back home. Thank you Aunty Cindy for the ribena, jelly (and I can't remember what else), no wonder Cher doesn't want to go home :P

They met at 6.30pm in the playground..

and had lots of fun.

Cherelle at the electronic playground while Caitlyn and Ashrel busily and happily running after each other.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sentosa / Forum / Marche

We decided to visit Sentosa this morning since it is so near our place. We can see Sentosa, Resort World, and the cable car from our house.

Ticketing machine located at Vivo City.

So convenient to get to Sentosa now, just one station away.

It's such a sunny day. Ashrel was complaining it's too glaring and he could not open his eyes.
Trying very hard to pose and smile under the hot weather.

Not forgetting a family picture.
The kids were so happy to see the candy shop.

Her 'stylo milo' pose again..

A parade just outside the casino.

Did not go into Universal Studio this time.
Ashrel went round and round the globe to enjoy the mist.

After Sentosa, we went to Forum Gallery as Ashrel needed a haircut.
I like this picture..


and this too.

Cherelle likes the scooter and we are going to buy 1 for the kids since Ashrel quite likes it too.

This is fun but we can't have too many 'vehicles' at home.

A nice picture of Cherelle taken at Marche, 313.

Ashrel and his new haircut. He likes Aunty May to style (gel) his hair this way!